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The 2nd Technology Forum for Softgel Preparation of AUSTAR Finished in Success


AUSTAR organized the 2nd technology forum for softgel preparation from 23rd, Sep. to 24th. The participants are pharmaceutical functionaries of production/technology/R & D/quality depart, senior manager and experts and scholars that from all over the country.

This forum was intended to comprehensively improve the environment protection, production benefits, and quality management level of the enterprise through expounding and discussing the production and process problems.


Dr. Veronica Peviani, Production Director of Pharmagel Technology in Italy was invited. She emphasized physical properties and prescription design of soft capsule/advantage and application of softgel/the design of the prescription/ craft process, introduced some key points in production process and how to establish effective workshop, totally showed service ability for softgel preparation of Pharmagel by detailed introduction of eqiupments such as Pharmagel Pharmavisiomatic and processes. An ardent and professional discussion was conducted by speaker and guests. A series of questions, such as the advantage and disadvantage of gelatin or gelatin used in softgel product quality and production.

In addition, Dr. Ma Jinlong, the research fellow of China State Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry and National Pharmaceutical Engineering Research Center, illuminated the advantage of softgel applied in insoluble drug by dissecting the features of fat soluble/ insoluble drug and quality control matters in the aspects of preparation process, various pharmacopeia and regulations. Katsuhisa Suzuki, who has engaged in capsule technology, equipment R&D, and promotion work for 30 years gave a detailed introduction of basic principles, applications and advantages of roll model of softgel filling machine. Cynthia Zhang, the drug life cycle compliance consultancy service pharmaceutical quality system consultation director of AUSTAR Group, led a brainstorming about softgel production and process R & D by comprehensively narration of domestic and foreign regulations, pharmacopeia, drug traceability system and data integrity.

After the meeting, the guests were invited to visit AUSTAR technology laboratory, systematically learned the characteristics and application of the soft capsule process.

AUSTAR will always embrace knowledge with humble attitude,win-win collaboration by candid open-mindness,perception revival via paradigm shift breakthrough.

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