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AUSTAR's New Manufacturing Center in Nanjing Put Into Operation


AUSTAR's new manufacturing center in Nanjing, which is the relocation and expansion of the plant built in 2014, was officially put into operation on 24th Dec, 2020.

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The manufacturing center focuses on design and manufacturing of self-made freeze-drying machine (integrated) with ALUS, isolator, capping machine, and tunnel oven. Through technical cooperation with Rota in German, AUSTAR achieved the import assembly and delivery capacity of the Rota filling line. The relocation of manufacturing center will expand the scale of production, improve equipment manufacturing capability, and implement better production quality control.


The new center is the standard heavy equipment manufacturing plant with the 15m height and 24m span. The maximum lifting capacity of workshop crane is 32t, and the height of crane track and hook is 10m, which meet the production and assembly requirements of all types and sizes of freeze-drying machines. The workshop is equipped with better facilities: the 1000KVA electric power can meet the debugging requirements of multiple freeze-drying machines at the same time , which greatly shortens delivery period; The pure steam& gas boiler and stainless steel steam pipe achieve SIP (steam sterilization) test conditions in the factory, and the test has no impact on the material quality of freeze-drying machines and other products; the floor of the workshop is treated with water mill and epoxy resin, and equipped with bilateral high-power filter air conditioning, which greatly reduces dust in the workshop, makes workshop cleanliness at the leading level in the same industry, and can better meet the cleaning requirements of pharmaceutical equipment.


We will continue to provide our clients with reliable freeze-drying and filling equipment and contribute to the global high-end freeze drying pharmaceutical industry.

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