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Through digital consulting services, AUSTAR can make digitalization blueprints plan and implementation routes at the early stage of plant construction, transfer knowledge and experience, directly or indirectly create value for clients.With enterprise-level system application support, clients can collect, correlate and present operational and business data in a timely manner to improve performance and reduce energy consumption. Meanwhile, it helps clients make real-time logical correlation and decisions, improve overall operation and maintenance of the plant.

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Digitalization Project Consulting

Integrating years of experiences in pharmaceutical industry and automation & information service team, AUSTAR provides clients with digitalization project consulting services from prospects of automation, IT technology, process, lean manufacturing and compliance. Through various professional research and systemic gas analysis, AUSTAR provides clients with customized digitalization project consulting reports. The overall informatization structure conforms to GMP regulations is designed according to ISA-95 and ISA-88 standards.

Operation Intelligence Platform

Operation intelligence (OI) is a platform for intelligent analysis and decision-making based on production & operation data. It can generate corresponding analysis data according to the real-time status and performance indicators and assist managers to make decisions in daily operations, so as to improve overall business performance.

OI could apply to production, planning, asset management, supply chain, logistics departments etc., its target is to improve productivity and reduce costs, so as to improve overall performance. OI platform can collect, correlate and present operational and business data in a real-time manner, starting from a certain department, OI could gradually being applied to all departments, regions and the whole enterprise.

Energy Efficiency & Decision-making System

Energy efficiency analysis & decision-making system can help enterprises optimize energy management process, improve operation and management efficiency, as well as finding the best energy consumption process data, so as to provide enterprises with a mature, effective and convenient solution for overall management & control of the energy system.

The energy efficiency analysis and decision-making system integrates the following functions: cost composition analysis, energy consumption status of each system, energy consumption statistics, KPI calculation, energy prediction, time planning, energy saving prediction, load curve analysis and annual, monthly, weekly and daily reports.